Answer these questions to find out who your cat really is on the inside.
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Your cat is a tiger!

They love to stalk and pounce, and can be found hiding in houseplants or on top of the fridge, waiting to strike unsuspecting toys. Tigers are cautious, but once they have enough information about a situation, they'll jump right in.
Your cat is a lion!

They love to lounge around with you. Brave and bold, they're the ruler of the house and they know it. Even though they spend a lot of time sleeping and demanding pets or food, lions also love to hunt when the mood strikes.
Your cat is a leopard!

They love to climb and leap, and can usually be found at the highest point in the house, investigating or lounging around. Leopards are curious and intelligent, with a strong independent streak.
Your cat is a cheetah!

They love to chase toys and sprint from room to room like they're in a race. They might be a little bit shy and wary in new situations, but when they feel comfortable, they'll flop right down and give you a loving slow blink.

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